Quality & Hygiene

Quality & hygiene

Scrupulously respected standards

Our top-of-the-range technical equipment and our highly-skilled men and women ensure total reliability throughout the whole manufacturing process.

We use tools and working methods based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), so as to prevent any mixture of products or physical, chemical and microbiological contaminations.

Our BRC-IOP certified quality and hygiene management system also meets therequirements of ISO standard 9001 and those of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP).

This system is recognized and regularly audited by our big pharmaceutical and food industry clients.

An integrated control system guarantees the supply of products complying with our customers specifications.

  • Automatic on line check by cameras or bar code scanners.
  • Self-checking by the production line operators guaranteeing product compliance.
  • Quality department release procedure for each finished goods batch.
  • Total traceability of our products via computerised control logs.

In addition, our high-tech laboratory uses equipment including 3D measurement, a dynamometer and MFI.