Our business

A virtually infinite choice of shapes and finishes


Our 60 to 500T presses let us produce containers meeting every kind of market demand, and in small quantities to very long series.

Single and two-shot injection moulding processes make it possible to manufacture every kind of packing with very complex shapes. We can meet all technical and marketing requirements – tamperproof tracers, high-contour cut-aways, surfaces engraved with special effects, exclusive colours, etc…

PSPm proposes a wide range of standard and « made to measure » packs.

Complex assemblies in controlled atmospheres


With our unique experience in a wide range of technologies, the group has absolute expertise in all assembly activities from simple assembly to complex processes integrating movements by a 6-axis robot, tests by sensors, optical fibre and vision, sometimes requiring the production of metal systems for which the treatment may include stress relieving enabling warranty exceeding 5 years.

This expertise enables us to propose a wide range of very high quality assemblies for complex components (metal or plastic) using different technologies including clip fixing devices, welding and insertion…